Hear My Voice (Feat. Alexander Graham Bell)

by Careless Juja, Alexander Graham Bell, Steven Melin, Peter Pepper

Imagine an experience, a resilience, of auditory brilliance, depicting sounds you've never heard, coming from people you'll never meet. Let us Imagine an experience, the resilience, sheer auditory brilliance: I present, ladies and gentlemen, the future of sound. Hear my voice! Alexander Graham Bell. Hear my voice! I address those hearing this to paint the picture of the present; a world of picturesque perfection, one where anything is possible. Soon will come a day, a time of long range discussion; a dispersion of dialogue, connectivity of the mind. So I present you this design, encapsulation of my mind, my voice, my thoughts, sent on a disc through space and time. The only question of design is if this wax can survive time and if they find it, and rewind it, if they'll understand my rhyme. Hear my voice! Alexander Graham Bell. Hear my voice! I speak here from the present, my mind most effervescent, presently in your past to ask a question of your future and what things you might conceive. One can only imagine even a fraction of the dreams there of your time, and how the world's been redefined. So let this rhyme lie with your mind and let's design the unimaginable. This record has been made by Alexander Graham Bell in the presence of Dr. Chichester A. Bell on the 15th of April 1885 at the Volta Laboratory. In witness whereof, hear my voice!


This recording of Alexander Graham Bell captures the exactly moment of one of his most profound achievements. As he proclaims 'HEAR MY VOICE' he simultaneously ushers in a new revolution: the future of sound. Before his time none could imagine being able to capture sound, thoughts, ideas, or music in a box for future use. With this, the disbursement of ideas across great distances became possible and the very ideas of what mankind could achieve was redefined. With the words HEAR MY VOICE come a challenge: How will the world be redefined in future generations? What can WE create? The future is in our hands.

This is the actual voice of Alexander Graham Bell recorded on April 15th, 1885. The original record was cleaned, rendered digitally, filtered through advanced audio forensics, and transformed in an effort to capture his enthusiasm for creativity.


released April 15, 2017

Written by Travis Vengroff, Peter Pepper, and Steven Melin
Lyrics by Travis Vengroff & Alexander Graham Bell
Arranged & Produced by Steven Melin
Additional Assistance by Dr. Chichester A. Bell
Mastered by Brandon Strader
Audio Cleaning by Paul Baker of Audio Forensic Services
Special Thanks to the Smithsonian Volta Laboratory Collection
Vocals by Alexander Graham Bell & Tim Simmons

Recorded by Alexander Graham Bell in the presence of Dr. Chichester A. Bell on the 15th of April 1885 at the Volta Laboratory - 1221 Connecticut Avenue, Washington D. C.


all rights reserved



Careless Juja Portland, Oregon

Careless Juja represents the collaboration of the musicians Juja, Careless, Brandon Strader, and their friends!

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